The Artist

Jany is a creative and passionate spirit of Celtic and Corsican heritage, whose life and art entwines ancient tribal roots with modern city style and living. 

As a photographer she captures the spirit of her subjects - whether portraiture or a curation of ethnic art, costume and jewellery. Jany travels widely and brings her keen and loving attention to beautiful work she discovers along her exotic escapades. It's her joy to honour these traditions and bring them to you.

Jany’s photography has been exhibited widely including at the Mall Gallery, London and on French television France 3. She has worked as the on-set photographer for BBC and Pathé production, making portraits of Milla Jovovish, and Zac Posen among others.

As an artist Jany has studied at Middlesex University a fine art degree specialising in sound art and the female body. She has produced works of mixed media paintings, performance art videos and sound sculpture. Today Jany is focussing more on sound immersive work called ASMR and  you can see some snippets of her work in her videos on her Labouddica Instagram and on her artist page Janyethomas.

Let Jany’s creative eye bring colour and texture into your life. Enjoy Laboudicca and welcome.